Street Photo: Man making a living by playing saxophone on the street in Murcia

I met this street saxophone player while waiting at the Cathedral Square in Murcia. In exchange for a few coins he agreed to pose for the photo. It was tricky because I had to go all the way down to the ground to take it, and also because of the very high dynamic range present in the scene. The cathedral was blazing in the sunlight while the artist was in the shadow. For the D800 this wasn’t a problem at all, and in fact I feel that it could still handle 1 or 2 more stops of light level difference, which is remarkable. The 20mm f/1.8 Nikkor is very good at separating the subject from the background, despite being a very wideangle lens. My lesson from today… never hesitate to ask strangers to pose!

Author: Matt

I am a fresh PhD in physiological optics, interested in all things visual - from video and photography through image processing to the inner workings of our human eyes. I am Polish, and have lived in Spain for several years before moving to Indiana. I've been shooting semi-profesionally with Olympus, and more recently Nikon cameras since 2009 and enjoy travelling, jamming to some blues and riding vintage motorcycles and cars.

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